Broome Lampshades offers a complete line of indoor lampshades with many new and exciting designs for every taste and budget. We are manufacturers of custom designed LAMPSHADES. We also restore and recover antique lampshades and repair lamps. This is our specialization.

Our expert artisans individually handcraft each lampshade to ensure the highest standard of workmanship. We only use the finest silks and the premium type of materials. Every time we make a new shade we make sure that it is durable and exquisite.

Our long experience in producing the customers' exclusively designed lampshades has given us enormous advantage in ensuring the best of quality and full customer satisfaction.

You can also choose from a variety of contemporary and traditional lampshades available in our stock in varying shapes and sizes. At Broome Lampshades, we design shades of your beautiful dream.

If you have a lampshade that you find just perfect for your lamp but it has deteriorated or torn, we can expertly recover your frame with new fabric and trim. If you are using a particular fabric motif in your decorating scheme we can make you a lampshade using your fabric for a truly unique shade. Our custom shades and recoveries are completely hand sewn with dedication to detail.

Visit our location:
325 Broome Street (Between Bowery & Chrystie St.), New York, NY 10002; Tel: (212) 431-9666 ; Fax: (212) 431-9866